About Us

About Our Organization

Our Mission Statement:

Greenbank Mill Associates, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Greenbank Mill National Historic District and expanding public knowledge of Red Clay Valley industrial, agricultural and social history through educational programming, recreational rental facilities, and community partnerships.

Our Vision Statement:

To offer guests programs and tours interpreting 19th century life and industry in a fully restored compound that includes Gristmill, Woolen Factory, Water System, Millers House and Gardens, Barn, Outbuildings and Farm operations, and Native Woodland.

To provide comprehensive Visitor Services with convenience, hospitality, and a full complement of year-round educational and recreational opportunities to encourage repeat visitation and increased rapport with the surrounding community.

To become a financially stable historic site, administered by a dedicated Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteer corps, that operates at full capacity year-round attracting local, regional and national visitors of all ages.


Board of Directors

Heather Hansen, Chair

Allison Schell, Vice Chair

Laurel Haring, Secretary

Carlie Maheurin, Treasurer

Stacey Johnson, Member at Large

Theresa Hill, Member at Large

Site Director
Stacie Maheurin